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On-Demand Delivery Platform

The easiest way to streamline DISPATCHING, TRACKING, and LOGISTIC OPERATION

At auto-FLEEMIO we believe that logistics isn’t about moving stuff around. It is about serving businesses and consumer to prosper in this local vibrant economy. 

FLEEMIO is revolutionizing local deliveries and challenging traditional dispatch and time constrained services. 

Logistic are complicated. We made it simple & efficient.


Simplify logistic operation by using our automated smart route optimization algorithm


Driver will automatically receive job details. Making dispatching a breeze for operators


Monitor all of your fleet in real time so operators can access a bird eye view of all fleet.


  • There is a tectonic shift occurring in economies all over the world. Technology companies like Uber or Go-Jek has set the stage for the paradigm shift we now know as the on-demand economy.

    The on-demand economy is fueled by an ever-growing list of companies providing on-demand services – solutions, usually technology based, that make every day life easier by getting consumers what they want, when they want it.

    They succeed by putting information at our fingertips and giving us what we want: instant gratification, it is all about “now” and “transparency.” 

    These companies is disrupting the way industries operate, and making our lives more convenient in the process 

  • When it comes to consumer expectation around on-demand, we’ve been completely retrained to expect that anything we want can be delivered to us, wherever we are, within a few hours.

    In the 24/7, always-connected world that we live in, people value time over anything else – even money.  Being able to order a product or service and get it that very same day is now becoming a priority to most consumers. Businesses that want to stay in the game need to take notice and change their operations in order to allow for this kind of service.

    It is paramount for stakeholders to find the right platform to take on this huge new on-demand economy. 

    We believe we have the answer… 

FLEEMIO platform comprises of powerful features designed to optimize every aspect of your delivery operation for the on-demand era including dispatch, driver mobile application & customer tracking

Delivery Management Dashboard

the management dashboard allows for the dispatching of tasks, 

Communication with drivers and customers


Whether you’re a small logistic company trying to grow your customer base or want to simply optimize your large fleet, we would like to  talk to you over a cup of coffee 

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